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Not Guilty A plea of not guilty means that you are informing the Court that you deny guilt and that the State must prove its charges against you. If you plead not guilty your case will be scheduled for the next available pre-trial conference. You will need to decide whether to hire an attorney to represent you at trial.

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Only you or a licensed attorney may defend your case in court. In certain criminal cases, the Court may appoint an attorney to represent you. Pretrial Conference At the pretrial conference, you and your attorney, if you have one , will meet with the prosecutor to discuss the case and go over the police reports, if any. The prosecutor is not your attorney, and may not give you legal advice. However, the prosecutor may make an offer to you to resolve the case, but he is not required to do so.

You may accept or reject the plea offer. If you accept the plea offer, you will then change your plea before the judge. See Guilty Pleas, above. You will not have a trial, although you will have a chance to explain your actions to the Court. The Court will impose a fine pursuant to the Bond Schedule.

Not Responsible A plea of Not Responsible means that you are denying the charge s against you. Your case will be set for a civil traffic hearing at a future date, at which you and the Police Officer will each tell your side of the story. A person my get an arrest and bench warrant in Arizona if he fails to appear in court, refuses to comply with bail conditions, commits a crime or violates the probation rules and requirements.

A search warrant is issued in case the law enforcement units suspect any criminal activity such as drug trafficking, unlawful imprisonment or fraud.

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The best way to perform an Arizona warrant search, whether you have an outstanding warrant, is to visit the state or county website. You need to first determine the county in which the warrant may have been issued. Government websites end with. You will have to key in your full names to get accurate results. Only use the names indicated in your driving license. Governmental departments only recognize official names, not nicknames. You can also use various online resources for a warrant search.

Sites such as SearchQuarry. Searching online is more convenient and saves a lot of time and money. Some sites have search functions where you type your name and see if anything comes up. Others have a link that has all the names of people with warrants in a given county. Searching your warrant in governmental websites is the best option.

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This is because government websites constantly update the information they release to the public. An arrest warrant issued will reflect immediately it is made official by the law enforcement units. Not all counties in Arizona allow people to search warrants online. Another effective way to determine if you have any outstanding warrant is to contact the state, county or city offices in Arizona. This may include the country court clerk, police department or any other law enforcement division in the state.

Make sure you use a smartphone and turn on the location feature. Doing this will enable the respondents to easily know where you live. They could also track the phone details to your location using its signal or any billing information linked to your phone number. You can also ask one of your friends or relatives to call on your behalf if you are busy. You can also visit the nearest county court clerk or police department. There are other options to run an Arizona warrant search.

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However, most of them are not free. If you run a random warrant search in Google, you will see that there are third-party commercial sites that have central repositories for all criminal data, include warrants. You can choose to purchase their information. Most of these websites collaborate with governmental authorities to help the public access data easily. Other statistics you can get from these websites include criminal records, property ownership information and driving records.

Once you receive a warrant, you will be required to respond to the relevant government agency. Ignoring warrant could land you huge fines and time in jail. You can also choose to pay a bond, appear in court or seek legal representation. The important thing to take away is the penalties will only get worse with time if you ignore an Arizona warrant.

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Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. You can contact our customer support team about this issue so you can perform an Arizona arrest warrant search. You can also find out more details on how to mitigate this active Arizona warrant by contacting the issuing Arizona courthouse clerk.

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Our Arizona warrant search did not produce any active warrants for Albert Bandin. Please reach out if there are any additional Arizona criminal records or public records we can assist you with. He is 24 years old, thank you. We show there is an active warrant for Brandon in Arizona however, we do not show the associated Arizona criminal charges. I am wondering if I have a warrant. I have not gotten in trouble or involved in criminal activity for 9 yrs. Can you please help me and perform a warrant search to relieve my anxiety and worried so I Can move on with my life.

Hi Michael, thank you for reaching out about an Arizona warrant search, we are happy to assist you. You can find out more information by contacting your local Arizona county court clerk. We ran an Arizona arrest warrant search for Christopher Alaniz and did not find any active warrants or arrest records for him. The name Deja Clements did not come up in our Arizona warrant record database.

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Someone burglarized my hotel room and stole all of my money I had saved to make it there for my court date. I need to ck. For warrants I may have anywhere. If this was a recent court date that you missed then the Arizona bench warrant might not have been listed yet. It would benefit you to call the relevant Arizona county courthouse clerk to inquire about rescheduling your court date as well as giving the Arizona courts an explanation as to why you missed your court date. We do show an active Arizona warrant for a Nicholas Hopkins, who is 23 years old, with the charges of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

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Can you also give us any additional details, such as his height or ethnicity so that we can verify this is the correct warrant record. You can inquire with the relevant AZ courthouse what these warrant charges are for. We are happy to assist you with a Free Arizona warrant check.

Can you also provide us with the middle name for Ralph Keller. There are multiple warrants with different people that have the same first and last name. We show an active Indiana warrant for a Joshua Allen Belcher but nothing listed in Arizona for this person.