Quebec birth record michael henry 1863

In Baking Industry Transcription: Pernille Andreasd. Thomas Thomasen Ak Most of these records are in the English language but there are also records in these languages: German, French, Italian and Swedish For best results, you should first search using English words and location spellings.

If you do not find what you are looking for, try using one of these languages: German, French, Italian and Swedish. Match all terms exactly.

  1. Validation of Extreme Longevity Cases in the Past: The French-Canadian Experience.
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Clear search. Coughlon, Emmet J-Headstone Headstone. Coughlin William J. Story Other. Funeral card. Frances Harper Headstone. Joseph Jefferlone Full Obit Portrait. Sister Phyllis Gravestone Portrait. Marriage Certificate. Moorhead High School Diploma.

Birth, Baptism, Marriage and Death Records

Coughlin John Cons 2, Lot 11 Portrait. William N. Couglin obituary Other. Glenn Cavallin Other.

Maria, b. Sept 9, Lydia, b. James Hudson, b. William Sperry, b. June ; dued Aug.

Medicine and Science

Frederick Spurgeon, b. Mary Harriet, b. George Baird, b.

Sarah Helen, b. He was born March 3, Children names unknown. He was born ; died Feb. Children: James H. Howard R. John F. Charles M. Harriet A. Blanche, b. Frances C. Joel Perkins, of Woodstock.

British Colonial Era - Library and Archives Canada

He was born June 13, ; died Sept. Oct 29, Victoria A. George Thomas, of Centreville, Carleton Co. Elizabeth B. Francis A. Henry A. John C. Joel S. George E. Rebecca A.

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  • Second Generation;
  • March 28, ; d. April 13, Samuel A. March 3, ; d. May, Marsell, b. April 14, He was born June 6, She resides at Hillsboro, Oregon. Le Baron William, b. Horatio Nelson, b. Joanna Ella, b. Newbridge, N. Newbridge, a farmer, Hillsboro. Rex Angell, b. July 21, , at S. Agnes, b. Frances Helena, b. Blanche Marie Louise, b. June 16, , at S. Arthur Rufus, b. April 22, Resides at Paisley, Or. Evangeline Arvillo, b.

    Resides at Hillsboro, Or. Children: Franklin, b. Agnes Campbell, descendant of Tamerlane Campbell. Resides Bridgewater, Me.