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If convenient, the company may submit a combined response covering both licenses, but the response must address each of the licenses i. Should I submit a request for relief from the implementation deadline? A request for relief from the implementation deadline is not necessary if the initial fingerprint submissions for individuals requiring unescorted access to radioactive materials in quantities of concern were submitted to the NRC by the implementation deadline.

For these individuals, the trustworthiness and reliability adjudication process should be completed within a maximum of 35 days from the date of receipt of classifiable fingerprints and criminal history reports. What are the next steps in the process if the FBI rejects a Form FD fingerprint card because the fingerprints are not classifiable? What options are available to licensees if an individual's fingerprints cannot be classified based on conditions other than poor quality after multiple attempts?

The overwhelming majority of fingerprint cards are returned as classifiable i. If the initial fingerprint submission is returned by the FBI because the fingerprint impressions cannot be classified, the fingerprints may be retaken and resubmitted i. The licensee will not be charged for the resubmission if the licensee provides a copy of the FBI response indicating the fingerprints could not be classified.

If the FBI is unable to classify the second submission of fingerprints, the licensee can submit additional fingerprint impressions for the individual, as follows: 1. If the third submission is also returned as unclassifiable, the licensee may submit a fourth set of fingerprints. An additional fee is not required because the fee for the third submission includes one resubmission. As with the second submission, the FBI response should be included, or the submission may be treated as a new request and an additional fee may be charged.

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Please note that a licensee can opt to take and submit the third and fourth sets of fingerprints together to avoid a potential delay in the response. If the third set is returned as unclassifiable, NRC will automatically resubmit the fourth set. If the fourth submission is returned as unclassifiable, the licensee should submit six 6 additional fingerprint cards for the individual. All six cards will be forwarded to the FBI, who will take what they believe to be the best quality prints from each card to make a complete set of fingerprints.

- MN Rules Part

If the FBI is unable to obtain classifiable fingerprints from the six cards, based on conditions other than poor quality e. No further submissions will be required, and the licensee can consider the results of the name search-FBI identification and criminal history records check as a component in determining trustworthiness and reliability in accordance with the Order. The NRC will consider licensee requests for deviation from the above process for good cause e. Licensees may submit a request for consideration of alternatives, and provide the basis for the need for an alternative process to NRC's Facilities Security Branch in the Division of Facilities and Security requests may be made by phone at , mailed to the mailing address in Enclosure 3 to the Order, by FAX to the attention of Doreen Turner at with a cover sheet attached, or emailed to Doreen.

Please note that requests for an alternative to the above process will not affect a licensee's responsibility to fingerprint individuals for unescorted access or to comply with the trustworthiness and reliability requirements of the Order. Licensees should be aware that Steps 3 and 4 do not occur often, and should take notice that Step 4 may only occur in instances where the FBI has determined that the fingerprints cannot be classified based on conditions other than poor quality.

Failure to provide quality fingerprint impressions may result in the individual not able to be considered for unescorted access. Fingerprints may be unclassifiable for a number of reasons, including: 1. Incomplete impressions fingers not completely rolled from one side of the nail to the other.

Understanding The FBI Criminal Background Check System

Left and right hands reversed on the fingerprint card. The same hand or finger printed twice on the card. Fingerprints are not clear and distinct smudged, uneven, too dark or light, etc.

GDPR Policy

Fingers on the card are missing or partially missing without an explanation. Also, fingerprint cards with incomplete or missing information will be returned to the licensee to provide complete information, resulting in a delay in processing. This guidance also discusses special situations, such as fingerprinting an individual with abnormalities of the fingers, thumbs or hands, and the appropriate way to identify such situations on the fingerprint card.

A checklist to verify that the fingerprint impressions meet the FBI's requirements is also included. Will guidance be provided on what determines trustworthiness and reliability? No, however, IC1 b provides the minimum basis upon which a determination may be made. Alternative sources may be used depending on the information available to the licensee. It is the licensee's responsibility to make a trustworthiness and reliability determination for an employee granted unescorted access.

This is a licensee's business decision as to what criteria it uses for the bases of the trustworthiness and reliability determination. The trustworthy and reliability determination is designed to identify past actions to help verify one's character and reputation which provide reasonable assurance of an individual's future reliability.

The following are some indicators that licensees may want to consider for what may be a trustworthiness and reliability concern: [[Page ]] 1.

Impaired performance attributable to psychological or other disorders. Conduct that warrants referral for criminal investigation or results in arrest or conviction.

Participating Jurisdictions

Indication of deceitful or delinquent behavior. Attempted or threatened destruction of property or life. Suicidal tendencies or attempted suicide. Illegal drug use or the abuse of legal drugs. Alcohol abuse disorders. Recurring financial irresponsibility. Irresponsibility performing assigned duties. Inability to deal with stress, or having the appearance of being under unusual stress.

Failure to comply with work directives. Hostility or aggression toward fellow workers or authority. Uncontrolled anger, violation of safety or security procedures, or repeated absenteeism. Significant behavioral changes, moodiness or depression. These indicators are not meant to be all inclusive or intended to be disqualifying factors.


Licensees can also consider extenuating or mitigating factors in their determinations. Include a cover letter with the name and address of the NRC- approved Reviewing Official to whom the criminal history records should be returned. Mail applications to the following address overnight mail is preferred : Director, Division of Facilities and Security, U. The Licensee should establish procedures to ensure that the quality of the fingerprints taken results in minimizing the rejection rate of fingerprint cards due to illegible or incomplete cards. Licensees must have their fingerprints taken by an official authorized to take fingerprints, such as a representative from a local law enforcement agency or a private entity qualified to take fingerprints, because the official must certify the identity of the person being fingerprinted.

The NRC will review submitted fingerprint cards for completeness. Any Form FD fingerprint record containing omissions or evident errors will be returned to the Licensee for corrections. The fee for processing fingerprint checks includes one re- submission if the initial submission is returned by the FBI because the fingerprint impressions cannot be classified e.

If additional re-submissions are necessary, they will be treated as initial submittals and will require an additional payment of the processing fee. Fees for processing fingerprint checks are due upon application Note: local law enforcement agencies or contractors taking the fingerprints may charge an additional fee for this service.

Payments through Pay. Licensees will need to establish a password and user ID before they can access Pay.

New York Nuclear Power Plant Avoids Commission Citation for Background Check Mishap

To establish an account, Licensees should send a request for an account to paygo nrc. The request must include the Licensee's name, address, point of contact, email address, and contact phone number. The NRC will forward each request to Pay. Licensees without a credit or debit card that can be linked to Pay. The payment of the fees for processing fingerprints must be made before or with the submission of applications to the NRC. Combined payment for multiple applications is acceptable.

Licensees should include the Pay. For additional guidance on making electronic payments, contact the Facilities Security Branch, Division of Facilities and Security, at The Commission will directly notify Licensees subject to this requirement of any fee changes. It is necessary for a Licensee to resubmit fingerprints only under two conditions: 1.